Day 58 – Australia Fair

We love Geocachinge
We love Geocaching

We went tupperware hunting with Caz today. This one had some clues to solve all about Australia which Caz cleverly did before we went out. Then we had the co-ordinates and found the box easily. There were some lovely goodies in the box, and we swapped some bits and pieces and left some more for the next cacher to find.

Day 54 – By The Fireside

Warming our toes
Warming our toes

Caz asked if I would like to go with her to a meeting today.

Although it was at lunchtime and I knew there would be plenty of food, I looked out of the window and saw lots of cold wet sleet. Yuck! So I politely declined and stayed at home instead.

You may not know that Leo is a bit of a toff, but very nice with it. He suggested we sit on a comfy carpet in front of his big marble fireplace and warm our toes – much better than going outside!

Day 53 – A Parting Gift

Rudolf Chocolate
Rudolf Chocolate

Mr Duck went home yesterday but left me this nice chocolate as a parting gift. He said he found it in the bottom of Alistair‘s bag when he was hiding in there last week.

Umm. It’s very kind of him – I mean, it’s purple and everything, and has a nice picture of Rudolf the Reindeer on it – but it does look a little bit moth-eaten at the corners.

Perhaps Leo would like it? And I wonder if The Hippy knows he has moths in his bag?