Day 31 – Big Feet

Cheesy Feet
Cheesy feet

Caz went out on another photowalk today with more of her mad friends.  While they were messing about in the High Street,  me and Leo found a statue of a Roman Soldier to play with.

He has really big feet, and  we are very glad that we don’t get any Romans stomping about round here any more, because I think we might have got squashed. I dared Leo to tell him he had cheesy feet, but he was too scared!

Day 30 – Chips For Tea

Pass the ketchup
Pass the ketchup

It was a lovely day today, and we went to London with Caz for a photographic workshop. Although it was sunny, it was also very cold. There were lots of new people too, and we were a little bit shy, so  me and Leo decided to stay in the bag.

When we got home, Caz let us have a special treat for tea and bought Fish & Chips! We’re not so keen on the fish, but the chips are yummy, especially with lots of tommy ketchup. Mmmmmm!

Day 29 – Going Up In The World

I want to press all the buttons!
I want to press all the buttons!

We had another trip out today, this time it was just into town as Caz had a business meeting in a coffee shop. That just sounds like an excuse to sit around drinking coffee to me.

We parked in the big car park with lots of levels, and decided to be lazy and step into the big moving box which goes between floors when we wanted to find the car again.

I wanted to press all the shiny buttons to make them light up. But Caz told me that we hadn’t got all day to visit every floor, so I just had to choose the right one where we had parked. I think it was 3…

Day 27 – Purple Glow

Is it Dragon Light?
Is it Dragon Light?

This evening, Caz let me visit her photo club.

When I got there, I found this strange machine which was glowing purple at the sides. I think it is Dragon Light coming out. It was nice and warm next to it, so I sat there for the evening warming my toes.

It must have been a magic box because all the pictures which were hiding inside, came out when you pressed a button. I think they are called Electric Slides. We looked at them on a big screen and they were very pretty.

Day 26 – By The Big House

Who lives in a house like this?
Who lives in a house like this?

Sometimes, when Caz has a meeting, she spends much longer out than it really takes. I have been wondering what she gets up to, so today I hid in her bag as she went out to another of her lunchtime do’s.

There was plenty of food at the meeting as lots of people were ill and cancelled at the last minute. I was able to have lots to eat while they were talking about boring business stuff.

Then, as the sun was out, we went on a little explore in the car and stopped at a nice village called Roxwell so we could have a quick walk. I rather liked the look of this big house by Roxwell Brook. I wonder who lives here?

Day 25 – Sailing Lessons

Tacking left or right?
Tacking left or right?

After the fun I had yesterday playing rugby, I thought I would try my hand at some other sports too.

I happened to find this Dragon-sized boat and went for a little sail. There’s lots of ropes and things to get used to, and the steering is funny because you push the tiller one way and the boat goes the other!

I’m a bit confused about tacking too – basically the big pole swings from one side of the boat to the other and you have to dodge it or it will bash you on the head! Quite fun, but a bit dangerous if you get it wrong. Perhaps I need a hard hat too?