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Day #175

Day #175Title: Plush Accommodation
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Camera: Canon EOS 5D MkIII / 17-40mm EF f/4 L USM
Extras: Tripod / CamRanger
Notes: I had to be on a very early flight this morning for a business trip to Glasgow, so I was quite glad, once all the day’s meetings were over, to have a few minutes to relax in my hotel room before meeting my colleagues for dinner.
Today’s PAD: Day #2367

Day #80

Day #80Title: Twin Room
Location: Granada, Spain
Camera: Canon EOS 100D / 18-55mm EF f/3.5-5.6 IS STM
Extras: Gorillapod / CamRanger
Notes: My flight to Granada today was smooth and comfortable. It’s the first time I’ve flown from London City Airport and the weather was perfect for spotting some famous landmarks in the Capital as we took off. There was minor hassle during my transfer from the airport when the coach broke down – but it was only a mile from my hotel so I decided to walk the final bit. I set this up while having a quick rest in my room before heading out to explore the city.
Today’s PAD: Day #2272