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Day #121

Day #121Title: In Control
Location: MCX, BBC Elstree
Camera: Canon EOS 100D / 18-55mm EF f/3.5-5.6 IS STM
Extras: Mini Tripod / Wireless Remote
Notes:  Sitting in the new MCX control room at Elstree. It’s very new and shiny… We will be using it for transmission for the first time in anger in exactly three weeks! Let’s hope everything is under control by then.
Today’s PAD: Day #2313

Day #118

Day #118Title: Shhhh! The Cameras Are Sleeping…
Location: BBC Elstree
Camera: Canon EOS 100D / 18-55mm EF f/3.5-5.6 IS STM
Extras: Gorillapod / Wireless Remote
Notes: The set is being put in the studio over the next few days. Meanwhile, the cameras are lurking in a corner having a quick snooze before their hard work begins. Much like parrots, if you put a cloth over them, they settle down and go quietly to sleep rather than kicking up a fuss. Little known TV fact, honest!
Today’s PAD: Day #2310

Day #101

Day #101Title: Parallel Universe
Location: BBC Elstree, Borehamwood
Camera: Canon EOS 100D / 18-55mm EF f/3.5-5.6 IS STM
Extras: Mini Tripod / Wireless Remote
Notes: We’ve been back at BBC Elstree today, having various meetings and doing more planning work. The office where we’re currently based also doubles as the interior corridor set for Hobly City which is filmed at Elstree, so all the stairwells have signs for the hospital rather than helpful locators for lost visitors! Now am I supposed to be in Neurology or ITU?
Today’s PAD: Day #2293