Day #47

Day #47Title: The Return Of The Traveller
Location: Lamer Wood, Hertfordshire
Camera: Canon EOS 100D / 18-55mm EF f/3.5-5.6 IS STM
Extras: Mini Tripod / Wireless Remote
Notes: It was a blue sky sunny day so I decided to head over the border into Hertforshire on a retrieval mission. This is my geocoin which I set free in October 2008, with a goal to visit Vancouver, Canada. It travelled from cache to cache, being moved on by 38 different geocachers during its journey. In the first year, it pottered around the UK, visiting Somerset, the Isle of Man and northern Scotland, where it rested for a few months in a remote spot. Then it got a ride to Portugal for a brief stay, followed by a trip across the Atlantic to Toronto. After a few months in Ontario, the coin reached British Columbia in February 2011 via a brief stop off in Banff. Having spent the summer in BC and Manitoba, where it was “dipped” (logged in and straight out again) in 28 caches in one day  in June, I changed its goal to return home. But the coin was enjoying life in North America. It virtually took up residence around Chicago for several months, travelling with one cacher for about six weeks – who took it to 101 different caches! Then more wanderings around the mid-West visiting Winsconsin and Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, North Dakota and Wyoming before finally reaching California in April 2013. I thought that would be the furthest west it travelled – but no! – off for a week’s vacation in Hawaii in July 2013 (it must have been warm) and then finally into a Travel Bug Hotel in San Diego to prepare for a return to Europe. Not content with coming straight back, it hopped over to Berlin for a quick sojourn before finally being logged into “Stargate 51000” in Lamer Wood, just north of Wheathampstead, Hertforshire. What could I do but drive the final 30 miles to go and pick it up? Welcome back, old friend. It’s covered 28,535 miles to date, visiting 225 different caches, an amazing total. And it’s the only one of my geocoins to survive and return without going missing or being stolen. In the next few days I’ll take it back to dip it into its starting point, the “Red Indian Church” cache at Ulting, to close the circle. But it’s not going anywhere else – it will stay with me in retirement, telling me tales of its travels!
Today’s PAD: Day #2239

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