Day #334

Day #334Title: Cat Allergy
Location: At home
Camera: Canon EOS 5D MkIII / 24-105mm EF f/4 L IS USM
Extras: Tripod / CamRanger
Notes: The penultimate shot in my once a month series, this one is about feline friends. Sadly, although I love cats and would be happy to have one share the house, I’m allergic to them which means I start wheezing and my eyes stream if I touch them. All rather a shame – although probably for the best – otherwise I might be a mad cat woman with hundreds of them! A shot for Treasure Hunt Theme #11 – Once A Month – November. Just in time!
Today’s PAD: Day #2526

Day #333

Day #333Title: Down Among The Triffids
Location: RHS Hyde Hall, Rettenden
Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver
Extras: GoPro Pole / GoPro App
Notes: Encouraged by the promise of a sunny day, I took off to visit Hyde Hall gardens. I had a lovely wander around the grounds, making the most of the balmy weather. There isn’t a lot of colour left in my garden by this time of year, but I managed to find some here – the Chinese Lanterns were beginning to go to seed, but I love their bright vibrant orange against the blue sky. Perfect for Treasure Hunt Theme #39 – A Colourful Garden.
Today’s PAD: Day #2525

Day #331

Day #331Title: Attacking The Bean-Stalk
Location: At home
Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver
Extras: GoPro Pole / GoPro App
Notes: You may recall I was photographed hacking away at the Jasmine bush growing over my garden gate on Day #322. It was a big job, and I’ve had a couple of goes at it so far. Today I was determined to finish it off – so here we are, up a step ladder, chopping off the most wayward shoots, ready for the next growing season.
Today’s PAD: Day #2523

Day #329

Day #329Title: In The Kyoto Garden
Location: Holland Park, London
Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver
Extras: GoPro Pole / GoPro App
Notes: I had a bit of time to kill in London today before and afternoon meeting, so I took a walk in Holland Park to find a few geocaches. I also spent some time in the Kyoto Garden, more research for my own Japanese garden project for next year.
Today’s PAD: Day #2521