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Under The Pyramide

Under The Pyramide Title: Under The Pyramide
Location: Louvre, Paris
Camera: Canon EOS 100 / Vivitar 19-35mm EF
Film: Ilford FP4 125
Notes: The main entrance to the Louvre is now under this huge glass pyramid which sits right in the middle of the main courtyard. When the sun comes out, the atrium beneath is criss-crossed with the shadows made by the diamond panes of glass. This was one of the 15 images I used to gain my ARPS distinction in 1999.

Louvre Geometry

Title: Louvre Geometry
Location: Louvre, Paris
Camera: Canon EOS 600 / Vivitar 19-35mm EF
Film: Agfa CTX 200
Notes: Another shot of the Louvre, this time showing the triangular fountains in the courtyard.