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Gateway To A Vineyard

Gateway To A Vineyard Title: Gateway To A Vineyard
Location: Loupiac, near Bordeaux, France
Camera: Canon EOS 650 / Canon 28-70mm EF
Film: Ilford FP4 125
Notes: The Garonne river joins the Dordogne just north of Bordeaux, but to the south-east of the town lies the Garonne valley. It has many pleasent little villages along its banks, and Loupiac is just outside the walled town of Cadillac. The vineyard itself was sited on a gently rising hillside facing southwest, perfect for vine cultivation. The textures on the gateway stone pillar took my eye, and I used a wide angle to accentuate it in the frame. This was one of the 10 images I used to gain my LRPS distinction in 1995.