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Fire Queen

Fire Queen Title: Fire Queen
Location: Penrhyn Castle Museum, North Wales
Camera: Canon EOS 650 / Canon 28mm EF
Film: Ilford FP4 125
Notes: This exhibit was inside the castle, but in a well-lit corridor with large floor-to-ceiling windows. Access around the engine was limited, so I had to use a wide angle lens from close up to include all the detail I wanted and still avoid extraneous parts of the surroundings. I liked the design that the central piston made through the frame, which gives it a dynamic diagonal. The polished surfaces and hard textures give the subject the feel of engineering at its peak, ready to unleash its power. This was one of the 10 images I used to gain my LRPS distinction in 1995.

No. 1247 At Darnholm

No. 1247 At Darnholm Title: No. 1247 At Darnholm
Location: North York Moors Railway
Camera: Zeiss Ikonta Medium Format (2¼”2) / 75mm f/4.5 Novar
Film: Agfacolour CT18
Notes: My first ever published photograph. It shows GNR 0-6-0ST No. 1247 pulling the 16:00 Grosmont-Goathland train at Darnholm in August 1976. I was just 7 when I took it, on a family holiday in Yorkshire. Dad has always been a steam head, and on this particular occasion I asked if I could have a go at taking a picture with one of his cameras. He wasn’t expecting much, but set up the shutter speed and aperture for me, and said “press the button when it comes round the corner”. I did, and I panned along with the movement as well! He was so impressed he sent it along with some of his photographs to Modern Railways magazine, who published it in their May 1977 edition. Start ’em young, eh?