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End Of The Rainbow

End Of The Rainbow Title: End Of The Rainbow
Location: Margaretting, Essex
Camera: Canon EOS 300D / Canon 18-55mm EF-S
Notes: Driving home form work on evening, I noticed the deeply forbidding clouds just as the sun came out and illuminated the golden yellow field of rape. The rainbow arced into the sky, and I had to shelter under an enormous umbrella to take my picture.

Beach Stroller

Beach Stroller Title: Beach Stroller
Location: Bournemouth
Camera: Canon EOS 50E
Film: Kodak Gold 200
Notes: This was an opportunistic shot as the afternoon drew to a close on a crisp November day in 2003. I was in Bournemouth for the evening and took a walk along to Prom to see what I could see. This lady pushing her baby in a buggy along the wet sand was my reward.

High Altitude

High Altitude Title: High Altitude
Location: Arctic Circle, Caihnavarri, Norway
Camera: Praktica MTL5B / Auto Rosley 38-95mm f/3.5
Film: Kodak Gold 200
Notes: This image evokes wonderful memories of a fantastic holiday I had in Arctic Sweden and Norway in April 2003 – mushing a team of dogs with a sledge. There were six of us on the tour in total, and we each had our own team of dogs to look after to pull our equipment. We made it all the way to the high hills on the Swedish/Norwegian border. Having camped overnight at the mountain hut at Caihnavaggehytta, we set off for a quick tour around Caihnavarri before heading back down the valley and into Sweden. The scenery was fabulous and the experience was unforgettable.

Pienza Hillside

Pienza Hillside Title: Pienza Hillside
Location: Pienza, Tuscany
Camera: Canon EOS 50E / Canon 100-300mm USM
Film: Kodakchrome 200
Notes: I spent a blisteringly hot week in Tuscany visiting a friend who was studying in Siena in June 2001. We hired a car and drove about to some of the remote towns and villages. These few lonely trees stood out on top of the hillside ridge and made a great addition to the scene. Strong lighting and a polarising filter helped to saturate the colours.

Dusk Over Downtown

Dusk Over Downtown Title: Dusk Over Downtown
Location: Toronto, Canada
Camera: Canon EOS 600 / Canon 28-105mm EF
Film: Agfa CTX 200
Notes: This is one of my favourite city skyline views anywhere. I took a whole series of shots as dusk fell over the skyline. This was one of the better ones as there is a good balance between light in the sky, the building illuminations and their reflections in the water. What a wonderful spot to sit and watch the view unfold.

The Tea Party

The Tea Party Title: The Tea Party
Location: Brownsover Hall, Warwickshire
Camera: Canon EOS 650 / Canon 28-70mm EF
Film: Ilford FP4 125
Notes: I came upon this scene in the grounds of Brownsover Hall, a lovely hotel set in a country park. Some other guests had just finished having tea on the lawn, and I liked the way the cups an saucers were left on the table as if they would be back soon. The shadows on the grass made interesting shapes which mirrored the white iron seating. I thought this was a very restful composition. This was one of the 10 images I used to gain my LRPS distinction in 1995.

Ingatestone Hall

Ingatestone Hall Title: Ingatestone Hall
Location: Ingatestone Hall, Essex
Camera: Canon EOS 600 / Sigma 21-35mm EF
Film: Kodak Gold 200
Notes: I loved the shadow falling across the immaculately manicured lawn in the courtyard of Ingatestone Hall. The house was built by Sir William Petre in 1541, and his descendants have lived there ever since – the current occupant is Lord Petre, the 18th Baron and Lord Lieutenant of Essex. It’s a bit surprising the the tree doesn’t have more leaves, given that it was May (1994) when I took this, but it means the shadow is very well defined. I also liked the way the bough of the tree framed the top of the image.

Mountnessing Goes Dutch

Mountnessing Goes Dutch Title: Mountnessing Goes Dutch
Location: Mountnessing Windmill, Essex
Camera: Canon EOS 600 / Sigma 21-35mm EF
Film: Kodak Gold 200
Notes: The colourful flowers attracted my attention at the local village green in Mountnessing. Choosing a wide angle lens and getting down low emphasised the blooms and kept the windmill as a more distant object. The whole scene did seem rather Dutch to me! Not long after this was taken, the flower bed was bricked over to form a lasting memorial to a local who had died – which is a pity, because you will never be able to see such a colourful display there again.