Day #2232

Day #2232Title: Little Red Pod
Location: Embankment, London
Camera: Canon EOS 5D MkIII / 50mm EF f/1.4 USM
Notes: I enjoyed a great day in London with some folks from GNPC on a visit for our Creative Photography course. We spent a couple of hours touring the National Gallery looking at some of the paintings we have been studying. After a bite to eat, we were allocated a spot around Trafalgar Square,  then given a challenge to spend 20 minutes making lots of images – but we were only allowed to step one stride in any direction! Next up was photographing at least 3 strangers in 10 minutes I managed 7! All good for the creative juices and getting us out of our comfort zone. We then headed to the pub for a quick drink. By late afternoon I was pretty tired, but on the way back to the Tube I noticed how great the sunshine was along the Embankment, so decided to walk down to Westminster and make a few more images along the way. This scene caught my eye because just one pod of the London Eye was red – all the rest were pale grey. I also managed a typical touristy shot by Westminster Bridge for my selfie today, and another 50 @ 50 (2014) #7 to round of a very productive outing.
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