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Day #1795

Day #1795 Title: Heavenly Bodies
Location: Ingatestone
Camera: Canon EOS 7D / 100mm EF f/2.8 L IS USM
Notes: I have been meaning to try my hand at some star trails for most of the year, as it is Treasure Hunt theme #45. Tonight was finally the night! Very cold, I first had to scrape ice off the car before I went anywhere this evening! Then I headed to a spot which I hoped would be reasonably free of light pollution. Wrong! It didn’t help that there was a full moon, which pretty much overwhelmed any images made looking east, especially with the 10-22mm wide angle. So I tried my hand looking west, with the 100mm prime, in the hope of accentuating the stars’ movement in the  sky. Thanks to this excellent article on how to choose your exposure, I got some good initial pictures quite quickly. Then it was just a case of waiting. This is a composite (stacked with the free Startrails.de software) of 50 x 30s exposures @ f/2.8 and ISO 160. I took more, but the later images were obscured by thin high cloud, so I discarded them. Originally I was rather annoyed that I’d randomly chosen a region of the sky where aircraft regularly pass, but when I built the stack, I actually quite like the result (the straight lines on the left)! I was also amazed at how vivid the different colours are for each star trail. I nearly froze to death, but I’ll be having another go soon (probably when the moon is new).
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Day #1688

Day #1688 Title: Evening Stars
Location: City of London
Camera: Canon PowerShot G12
Notes: More Wenlock-spotting this evening, this time on the trail south and east of Liverpool Street. It took me past the Gherkin just as the setting sun was reflecting on the glass and projecting these amazing refractions onto the building next door! It was definitely a case of right place, right time – and makes a perfect image for Treasure Hunt Theme #48 – An Unexpected Coincidence.
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