Day #1799

Day #1799 Title: Pink Milkshake
Location: At home
Camera: Canon EOS 7D / 100mm EF f/2.8 L IS USM
Strobist: 1 x YN560 from above each side, through pink and blue gels @ 1/64
Notes: I was giving a talk and demo this evening on my liquid splash photography with the Splash Art Kit. I always like to give it a go before packing it up to take on the road, just to make sure it all works. I tried using milk for my tests today, with mixed success. This is the 1% fat variety, which worked reasonably well. Later on I tried full fat, which wasn’t half as good as I’d expected – far too blobby and the collisions just weren’t happening as much. More experimentation needed, perhaps.
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