Day #1724

Day #1724 Title: Electric Town
Location: Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan
Camera: Canon PowerShot G12
Notes: Another cloudy day today meant I wasn’t running around taking pictures at tourist hotspots. Instead I took the train the Shibuya to visit NHK (Japan’s equivalent of the BBC – am I on a busman’s holiday?). I enjoyed their Studio Park tour and ate a hearty lunch in their café. I might also have bought a few souvenirs from the home of Domo. Later in the day, I explored the shopping at Tokyo station’s subterranean mall, getting horribly lost in the process, and then on to Akihabara. Affectionately known as Electric Town, this  is the district of Tokyo famous for its high-tech electronics shops. Never fear, my wallet stayed in my bag this time, but it was an interesting experience! Read more about my stay.
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