Day #1719

Day #1719 Title: High Rise Night Life
Location: Yokohama, Japan
Camera: Canon EOS 7D / 24-105mm EF f/4 L IS USM
Notes: We had our last ride on the Shinkansen this morning, travelling from Kyoto to Yokohama, Japan’s second largest city. It’s almost a suburb of Tokyo, being a few miles down the coast. It’s also the first city where Westerners were allowed to settle 150 years ago, and has a very cosmopolitan feel. After a trip up the Landmark Tower to look out over the metropolis, I went with friends Chris and Vicky on Cosmo Clock 21 (a huge ferris wheel)  in the harbour amusement park. This was the view just as the sun was setting and the twinkly lights were coming on, dominated by Landmark Tower dwarfing fairground beneath. Then we headed to Chinatown for our last group meal together, a very sociable way to end our tour. Read more about my stay.
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