Day #1714

Day #1714 Title: Paper Cranes
Location: Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima, Japan
Camera: Canon EOS 7D / 24-105mm EF f/4 L IS USM
Notes: After a long journey from the mountains on two fabulously fast Shinkansen trains, we arrived in Hiroshima mid-afternoon. We dropped our bags at the hotel and set off for a guided tour of the Peace Memorial Park, given by one of the Goodwill Guides, a lady who’s parents survived the bombing in World War II. The tour was very moving, and it would have been easy to focus on the past and use the A-Bomb Dome for today’s picture, but I wanted to show how the city is looking forward in a positive way, whilst still honouring its past. Thousands of these paper cranes adorn the Children’s Peace Monument and provide a vibrant splash of colour, asking us to look to the future and hope for peace in the world. We ended the day on a similarly upbeat note, at a restaurant where we had the local speciality Okonomiyaki pancakes cooked on a hotplate in front of us. It was as much about the theatre as the end result – which was delicious! Read more about my day.
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