Day #1392

Day #1392 Title: Attention To Detail
Location: Crossness Pumping Station, Belvedere, Kent
Camera: Canon EOS 7D / 24-105mm EF f/4 L IS USM
Notes: The Chelmsford Photowalk Flickr group spent a very enjoyable afternoon at the Crossness Pumping Station open day today. It is a fine example of high Victorian engineering, which had fallen into disrepair for 50 years but is slowly being brought back to life. The building houses four of the largest beam engines in the world. One has been restored to fully working order, whilst the other three are in the process of being  renovated by dedicated volunteers. There were loads of photo opportunities, despite there being quite a few visitors there for the last open day of 2011. This shot shows the meticulously restored iron railings around the central octagon. An obliging shaft of sunlight made the details really stand out.
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