Day #1342

Day #1342 Title: Visitor From Afar
Location: Warren Street, London
Camera: Canon EOS 7D / 50mm EF f/1.8
Notes: I met up with my Japanese friend Tomoo today. We’ve known each other about 15 years having first “met” on an email discussion list in the mid-90’s. We have met in person a couple of times before when he’s been visiting the UK on business. He is a Professor of Biology at a prestigious Japanese university, and is an expert in tea production and cultivation. This time around, he had been to York to talk to colleagues at the University there (perhaps they are getting tips on better yield for Yorkshire Tea!) and was on his way to Bratislava for a symposium before heading home. We managed to meet for a couple of hours during his stop over in London, enjoying a nice lunch and catch up. Great to see you again Tomoo! He very kindly brought some little Japanese gifts too.
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