Day #1157

Day #1157Title: Hairy Wall
Location: Sandon Mill Lock
Camera: Canon EOS 7D / 60mm EF-S f/2.8 USM
Notes: I had a phone call from the camera menders at lunchtime, saying the 7D was repaired and ready to be collected. So I hot-footed it to Colchester and was pleased to find it all shipshape, and free (under warranty)! I couldn’t have had better service from Colchester Camera Repairs, so I highly recommend them if you need any of your gear fixing. Of course, I couldn’t resist a little potter in the sunshine (at last!) to try it out, so I stopped off at Sandon Mill Lock on the way home. The light wasn’t right for my monthly scenic location shot, but I did like this hardy moss growing on a nearby wall. Great for Treasure Hunt Theme #15 – Growth.
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