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Day #876

Day #876 Title: I Know Where My Towel Is
Location: At home
Camera: Panasonic Lumix GF1 / 20mm EF f/1.7
Notes: Well, where do I start? I’m killing multiple birds with one stone here! First off, I was tagged by a Flickr contact to upload a self-portrait and 10 random facts about myself. I’m annoyed that I can’t remember who now. But anyway, here goes (better late than never):

  1. Although I love many branches of photography, I hate taking self-portraits. Which it’s why it’s taken me so long to respond to the tagging, and one of the reasons I’m hiding behind a towel (see also #2 below). But it does make it a perfect candidate for the Treasure Hunt Theme 67 – Somewhere You Feel Uncomfortable.
  2. Ah yes, the towel. I’m a huge Sci-Fi geek, have been since I was a kid. My most-read books are the Hitch-Hikers’ Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy (in 5 parts) by the late, great Douglas Adams. Today is Towel Day, in remembrance of Douglas. Still can’t quite believe it’s 9 years since his untimely death. In fact, for a good few years I was a member of ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, the HHG Appreciation Society. In those days – loooong before they had invented the web – we corresponded by post! I had a penpal who went by the name of Gob The Slug, who later metamorphosed into the Deputy Editor of SFX Magazine/Douglas Adams Biographer/Sci-Fi journalist M J Simpson!
  3. I won a Gold Medal in the 2004 Kranj Miniature Print Competition (an international salon held bi-annually in Slovenia). It was with my image from the British Museum, entitled And Let Thy Feet.
  4. I speak three languages (four, if you count cobblers). I’m happy to blether along in French, and have passable German (I was mistaken for a Dutch tourist when chatting to some German ladies in Barcelona one summer). The oddest nationality I’ve been mistaken for was when I was offered a menu in Swedish at a pizza restaurant in Majorca.
  5. Danny Grewcock (England and Bath Rugby lock) once signed my rugby shirt. I was still wearing it at the time.
  6. I mushed a team of six huskies for a week in the Arctic Circle. We toured northern Sweden and Norway. It was the best trip I’ve ever done, but totally knackering. We ate for England, but expended so much energy, I’d lost 4lbs by the time I came home. My experiences during that week have taught me that teamwork is invaluable, and that plastic is not as good as polystyrene for making loo seats for use in sub-zero temperatures!
  7. I had my first photograph published when I was 8 years old. It was taken when I was seven, at Darnholm, on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. I used my father’s manual camera (he had set the exposure for me) and managed to pan the shot when the steam train came round a curve under the bridge. Dad regularly submits pictures for publication in preserved railway magazines, and so he sent it along with some of his, and it was published in Modern Railways. So I’m a bit of a closet steam-head as well.
  8. I started learning to play Bass Guitar in 2002. I’d wanted to play bass since I was a teenager. Then one day I woke up and thought, “why don’t I just go and buy one, rather than dithering all this time?” Not sure the neighbours were pleased. But my amp doesn’t go up to 11! I started out with a cheap 4-string model, but now have a custom 5-string Iceni Funkmeister, with a purple paint job. I guess I’m a late starter when it comes to rebellion and rock-goddess pretentions, ha ha. I picked it up and had a play for the first time in ages today too.
  9. I went on a canal boat holiday in July 2005, along the Canal du Midi, in the south of France. I hired a boat with six friends, and we cruised about in the sunshine for a week. On the way back to Carcassonne, we accidentally kidnapped a dog. If you buy me a drink, I might tell you why!
  10. I like looking for Tupperware boxes in the undgrowth. Yes, Geocaching is a silly hobby, but it’s taken me to places I would never have visited otherwise, many with spectacular photographic results!

So there you have it, enough waffle. I’ll have to decide who to tag in return now.
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