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Day #1051

Day #1051Title: Frosty Bin
Location: At home
Camera: Canon EOS 7D / 60mm EF-S f/2.8 USM
Notes: We had the first really heavy frost of the approaching winter this morning. I wasn’t too keen to go out early, but thought I should take the opportunity to look for some images in the garden. This is a macro of frozen water drops and fingers of frost on top of the garden refuse bin.
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Day #732

Day #732 Title: Crispy Leaves
Location: Harlow
Camera: Panasonic Lumix GF1 / 20mm EF f/1.7
Notes: I unwrapped my lovely new camera today – a Panasonic Lumix GF1 with 20mm lens. Mum and Dad were very generous with their birthday grant this year, and I have been after one of these since I first heard about them. So I took it for a spin today whilst on a geocaching walk with Alistair in Harlow. We had a 5-mile walk, found 6 caches and enjoyed a rather good lunch in the pub half way. This was one of the frosty scenes I saw along the banks. Although I’ve only had the camera a day, it’s already going to be a favourite, and I’m pleased I won’t always have to lug the big SLR around with me this year. I’m very impressed with the quality and handling.
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