Educating Gerald

Gerald is a wooden mannequin I bought at an art shop – I thought he would make a good prop for pictures at home when the light is rubbish on cold, dark, winter days.  I took a few shots and thought it might make a good side-project to run in the main 365 this year.

As these things happen, he seems to have taken on a personality of his own, and being very naïve about the ways of the world, is trying to educate himself about life.

Here’s an A-Z (eventually) In Which Gerald Learns About…

  • Archictecture
    Gerald sits on a pile of Architectural Guides from Ellipsis. Who does he think he is, Kevin McCloud?
  • Ballet
    He might have mastered 4th Position already, but I don’t think Rudolf Nureyev needs to worry just yet.
  • Cats
    You seem to be quite a feline-tamer, Gerald.
  • Dental Hygiene
    Been eating Garlic and Onions again, Gerald?
  • Electronics
    Careful with that soldering iron, Gerald!
  • Fire
    Careful you don’t burn your fingers, Gerald!
  • Galileo’s Genius
    No, Gerald, you don’t hug the thermometer to keep warm.
  • Hangovers
    Oh dear, it looks like he’s been on the sauce.
  • Ibuprofen
    I think he hopes it will stop the hammering in his head.
  • Juggling
    I know exactly how you feel…
  • Knitting
    He seems to have got the hang of it pretty quickly, but no-one’s told him how to cast off…
  • Love
    Be careful who your give your heart to, Gerald.
  • popular Music
    I think he has developed a liking for Motorhead…
  • Numbers
    Yes Gerald, 1093 is quite a big number
  • Origami
    I wonder how far your plane will fly, Gerald?
  • Poppies
    Wear it with pride, Gerald.
  • Questions
    Do you have any answers, Gerald?
  • Reflections
    I’ve told him he shouldn’t spend all day posing in front of the mirror, but he won’t listen.
  • Scissors
    Careful where you point those, Gerald.
  • Tinsel
    Will you help me put it on the tree please, Gerald?
  • Underwear
    Or, more specifically, the fact that he’s not wearing any.
  • Vices
    Yes, Gerald, they can bite you!
  • Woodwork
    That’s turned out nice, Gerald, did you make it yourself?
  • Xenophobia
    It looks like you could be in trouble there, Gulliver Gerald.
  • Yoga
    He seems to have mastered the Ushtra-asana (Camel) pretty quickly.
  • Zips
    Mind you don’t trip on the zip.

I hope you enjoy Gerald’s adventures!

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