Day #874

Day #874 Title: Alone With My Shadow
Location: Old Hall Marshes, Tollesbury
Camera: Panasonic Lumix GF1 / 20mm EF f/1.7
Notes: Rather foolishly (despite feeling creeky after all that gardening yesterday), I decided to go to a geocaching event today. Against my better judgement, I was persuaded by some friends to complete the long 12-mile course, rather than the shorter 6-mile circuit. It was very hot, and although I took plenty to drink, I was really beginning to flag by the end. I finally finished in 6hrs 53 minutes – last, but I didn’t care – at least I had completed the course! This was taken at the very last cache location, looking out towards Bradwell. By this time, I was on my own with my shadow, so thought this would make a good shot for Treasure Hunt Theme 72 – Solitude.
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