Day #821

Day #821Title: Silver Bonsai
Location: Hornsey, London
Camera: Panasonic Lumix GF1 / 20mm EF f/1.7
Notes: I went to my friend’s studio today to give a talk to a group of photographers about Creative Macro. The venue is a unit in a complex of industrial workshops. Downstairs is a very nice café where everyone goes for lunch, and in their window they had this attractive (but dead!) bonsai tree sprayed with silver paint. I liked the way it contrasted with the blood red wall behind.
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Day #818

Day #818Title: The Major Looses His Monocle
Location: Hylands Park, Chelmsford
Camera: Canon EOS 30D / 70-200mm EF f/4 IS USM
Notes: I went to a battle re-enactment today at Hylands Park, with a couple of friends from the Chelmsford Flickr walk. We had some much better weather than predicted and a rather good day out. The 95th (Rifle) Regiment of Foot and King’s German Artillery were out in force, pretending to do battle against the French in the Napoleonic Wars. They fired cannons, did their rifle drill and camped out making dinner over the fire. They were also terribly friendly and knowledgeable about their history, and more than happy to chat. Here you can see the Major, dropping his monocle in surprise as something happened off-camera. I thought it made the perfect find for Treasure Hunt theme 32: In Costume.
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Day #816

Day #816Title: London Hill – March
Location: Galleywood
Camera: Canon EOS 30D / 17-85mm EF f/4-5.6 IS USM
Notes: It’s been a while since I’ve taken London Hill, and I was beginning to run out of March for this month’s shot. So I was pleased that this evening, the weather was a little better to make a dusk shot at the location. I waited around for some traffic to come down the hill and used a 6 second exposure to capture the trails made by the brakelights as it passed. So this is my effort for Treasure Hunt Theme 03 – Scenic Location, March.
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