Day #622

Day #622 Title: Guardians
Location: Highgate Cemetry, London
Camera: Canon EOS 30D / 24-105mm EF f/4 L IS USM
Notes: One thing that my [email protected] challenge has given me is a good excuse to finally get around to doing things I’ve been promising to do for ages. Today, I met up with friend Simon to do another one on the list – we visited Highgate Cemetry for a tour and some photography. It’s a fascinating place, with many interesting nooks and crannies to see. The Western Cemetry is only accessed via a guided tour, which was very informative. This image was taken at the mausoleum of Julius Beer, which is  the largest memorial in the cemetry. The impressive doors are cast bronze and have marvellous decoration and a lovely symmetry.
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