Beyond 366

I made it through 2008 and completed my Project 366 photo a day blog.

Some of the other folks who were doing it too dropped out along the way, but a good few of us survived. And I enjoyed it so much that I’ve decided to carry on into 2009.

Picture-taking is habit forming, and I’ve been to place and taken pictures which I would not otherwise have done, if it weren’t for the project.

Some of the 366 survivors from Flickr have set up a new group, 52 Themes 2009, in which we have a preset theme for each week of the year, and the aim is to post one photo a week to the group, matching the theme. I shall be doing this too, so you will see some images which are thematic and others which just happen to have taken my fancy whilst out and about with my camera.

I hope you enjoy my contiuned journey into A Photo A Day.