Day #609

Day #609 Title: Brocket Park Dusk
Location: Brocket Hall, Herts
Camera: Canon EOS 30D / 24-105mm EF f/4 L IS USM
Notes: After a successful afternoon’s geocaching trip near Biggleswade, Alistair and I found a nice pub for some food and then he suggested we try and find another couple of caches nearby. This took us to Brocket Park, where we found plenty of nice views, but sadly it was really too dark to have a good look for the boxes we were seeking. Ah well, there’s always another day! At least it was a good opportunity to walk off the rather fine puddings they serve at the Crooked Chimney.
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Day #607

Day #607 Title: Geeks Play Trains
Location: London Colney
Camera: Canon EOS 30D / 24-105mm EF f/4 L IS USM
Notes: Alistair had organised the Geek Steem BBQ for this afternoon, which basically involved about a dozen geeks turning up at the North London Society of Model Engineers and playing with their outdoor train sets for hours. Plus incinerating things on the BBQ. We had a great time, and even got to drive some of the trains. Here, you see The Hodge being let loose on the electric train – Alistair looks remarkably happy about being his first passenger of the day!
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Day #605

Day #605 Title: All Day Breakfast
Location: Wivenhoe
Camera: Canon EOS 30D / 50mm EF f/1.8 + 12mm extension tube
Notes: I spent the afternoon at my parents’ after a lunch time meeting in Colchester, and before an evening meeting in Ipswich. One of their rose bushes was being munched by these hungry little caterpillars. They are going to be big, strong butterflies, if the quantity of leaves they have noshed is anything to go by!
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Day #603

Day #603 Title: Relaxing By The Pool
Location: Harlow Common
Camera: Canon EOS 30D / 24-105mm EF f/4 L IS USM
Notes: I was invited to a business networking lunch at the home of a friend today. It was a very relaxed atmosphere as we sat by the pool, ate a lovely buffet lunch and found out more about each others’ businesses. I seem to be turning into a Lady Who Lunches. Ah well…
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