Day #136

Day #136Title: Gone With The Wind
Location: Piccadilly Circus
Camera: Canon Ixus 850IS compact
Notes: The London OpenCoffee event has been running on a weekly basis for some time, but yesterday was the first time I had been able to go. An interesting mix of people, most of whom I haven’t bumped into before in the London web community. It was a dreary, drab day in the West End, but I was lucky not to get the drenching which the weather forecast had promised. Perhaps the rain had Gone With The Wind? Or was it the traffic? I also met up with a friend in the afternoon, then went on to another monthly networking event in the evening. Consequently, I spent rather too long camped in Starbucks, drinking coffee and working on the laptop. Was feeling rather buzzy by the evening – I haven’t drunk so much coffee in ages!