Day #123

Day #123Title: Lago di Casteldoria
Location: Northern Sardinia
Camera: Canon EOS 30D / 24-105mm EF f/4 L IS USM
Notes: We spent the first part of the day pottering around the little hilltop town of Chiaramonti, where we are spending the week. It’s an ancient settlement which has a ruined castle dating from the 12th Century, and the town is criss-crossed with tiny little backstreets, often very steep. The locals aren’t phased by trying to squeeze their Fiats through gaps you would worry about walking into. We were a little more cautious with the hire car! In the afternoon we went for a pleasant drive to the coast, along more winding mountain roads, to Castelsardo. Along the way, we stopped at a viewpoint over the Lago di Casteldoria and were treated to this lovely view of wild flowers growing above the lake. The bank was covered with poppies, daisies, roses and wild fennel, as well as numerous different grasses, which were being blown about in the breeze. See more pictures taken today.