What is 366 Pix?

Inspired by Flickr’s Project365 group, where members are encouraged to post one photo a day, I thought I would document 2008 in the same way. I’ll start the blog on my birthday, 1st January 2008.

I’ve tried keeping other sorts of diaries over the years, but they usually fizzle out after a few months. I’ll try my hardest to keep this up for the whole year! Even if I don’t manage to log in to post, I’ll make sure I actually take a photo every day, and then backdate the posts to the relevent date.

Why bother? Well, it may well be hard at times, but I think it will be interesting to make myself take a photo every single day, even if it’s just a grabshot from my compact. I’ve recently endured 5 weeks unable to hold a camera, due to breaking my elbow, so I was getting pretty frustrated with not being able to take any pictures. I can’t remember the photographer’s name, but someone once said:

If you haven’t taken a photo today you haven’t learned anything.

Wise words indeed! So I’m going to try and learn 366 things during the next 12 months – because 2008 is a Leap Year, you’ll actually get an extra post for your money – 366 for the price of 365 – bargain!

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